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“It’s fun to be a tease.” She stood up and started waving her hips back and forth like she was going to do a striptease. And sure enough, she sl...d her hands along her sides, letting her shirt be taken up, then back down, revealing her flat, sexy stomach. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off, revealing the sexiest purple lace bra I had ever seen, filled perfectly by two perky and supple breasts. She moved toward me and sat on my lap with her legs spread facing me. “You know I’ve. This was it I had to bust inside of her right now, I told her that I was about to fill her tight pussy up with my sperm. My sex slave said yes master breed me, fuck me like a pure slut give me all of that good sperm. I shot a load that would not stop coming out the harder I shot off the hard her orgasm became. After I was done, we laid on top of each other out of breath. My sex slave said are you happy master, I said yes slave master is happy. My cock was covered in her woman juices and some of. "We went on a picnic," I answered, " down the coast a way."Although I answered his questions, all the time he was directing himself at Nancy."Did you tell anybody where you were going?" I was going for a drive when I spotted Nancy walking along the beach," I lied."We decided to go on a picnic, it was a spur of the moment thing. I'm sorry if I broke the rules." Yes... well, we can't have people going off like that," he continued, "Nan, you should know better. Your parents would be upset if we. Ranma couldn’t take his eye's off of Nabiki as she jerked from the spit Akane started to cry and buried her face in Ranma's chest, "Hurry up Tendo this meat is fighting me hard I cant hold on to her much longer" Genma said as Soan pushed the spit further into Nabiki in one hard thrust, "AHGHAAAA" was the last thing heard as Genma grabbed Nabiki's hair forcing her head up and her throat to align with the spit allowing the spit to pop out of her mouth and into the cold night air.Ranma held Akane.

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