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The final piece of my humiliating outfit, the blond wig, went over therubber bimbo's head, securely held in place by the Velcro patches. I wasnow in front of the full-length mirror, and what I saw, made mychastity cage tent the front of my skirt, eliciting the horny andfrustrated moan from behind the long penis gag filling up my mouth andmaking me gag slightly every time I moved my head.Staring back at me was a blonde bimbo in a short white-and-pink dresswith long sleeves and high. My own cock was so hard now as he knelt beside me,unzipping his jeans and pulling out his cock.Hungrily, i wrapped my lips around it and started to suck him off,swirling my tongue across of the head,feeling it growing harder and harder,taking more and more down my throat till my lips pressed against his crotch.Even without being fully hard i could tell it was much bigger than the last guys cock.He grabbed a handful of my hair and slowly began to fuck my mouth,pulling all the way out then. Her top is black fishnet, and she ain't wearing a bra. Lindy's auburn hair is loosed and kinky, a look I happen to love. And she's wearing bright red lipstick on her pouty little mouth.The babe she has her arm around is equally hot. She's shorter, and rounder and with a lot more curves. Lush is the only word for it.This chick is dyed blonde, with way too much makeup and way too little skirt. Way too little blouse too, cropped short to show off the bottoms of a set of knockers that won't. You had to like him. He had a sweet personality and would do anything for you. The girls went crazy over him. He had dark hair, brown eyes, a great smile, and always wore for an ear ring, a roach clip with a feather hanging from it. He was 6'2", slim, and a smooth talker. The more he stayed with us, the more I could tell that Debbie was falling for him. Finally, he just moved in with us. Debbie would invite her girlfriends over and tell them about Bobby. She'd describe how good looking he was,.

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