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Iwas still a little dazed when there was a knock on the door and Ianswered it.Troy was very handsome with an athletic build and a smile that at ease. I told him my name was Kelli and we left for a night onthe town. All through dinner and drinks Troy was the perfect gentleman.He calmed my nervous tension and I was actually having a good time whenhe asked if I wanted to dance. I was starting to feel comfortable withmy situation and did not protest as he held me tight and kissed me.. For her, by changing herlocation, the tests and the tricks to convert back were gone because shewas with friends who provided a force field allowing her to get her mindand body spirit back. The second thing is that she stopped certainactivities like trying to travel too much; trying to make friends tomake friends eventhough the people she met really wanted to use her; shestarted to get to a life with a friend of listening to music on theradio, going out to lunch, some shopping, and namely the. After we'd all cum, we spent a few minutes recovering and then got dressed.Outside the hut, we said our goodbyes to Nick (got his phone number – but that's a story for another time) and then Tilly and I went back into the main house. We really thought the fun was over for the evening – we'd already had hours of sex. Anyway as we got into the house, the original couple we went there with were sitting just inside the door so we stopped to chat to them. During the chat I went off to get us both. They like the pay anyway and these two I have done nothing drastic too, or taken advantage of. I just figure for a 100 yrs old…I should get some perks….even if it comes In the form of tits!! As I said, I was about 25, in Vegas with two buddies, whooping it up, just partying. I never told my friends of my unnatural abilities, nor did I ever use it on them. We were roaming around the strip and getting a little tipsy. We happened to be walking, around midnight, when I noticed a newlywed.

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