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It is a big step, her first one to push the situation along, and it scares her to death.Their hands had been almost at his left shoulder and her face....He releases her hand to put both arms around her waist, and she puts both of hers around his neck, so that as they rock slowly together on the deck their bodies touch all the way down. She makes a tiny grunt, scarcely a high-pitched whisper, that she hopes he doesn't hear. She makes it because she wants him and she is afraid to want him.Good. I felt her large tits crushed against my shirt and my erection was at full stretch, pressed against her belly. She reached down, between us. "What have we here?" "Let's take it out to find out,” I said and started to undo my pants.Belt unbuckled and pants unzipped, Sharon pulled down my pants along with my shorts and grasped my cock. As she stroked my hard length, I opened her blouse and slipped a hand inside her bra, latching onto one of her mighty tits. Her nipple was as hard as a pencil tip. I made sure that I had the fire department and the police department programmed into my phone.I then just waited for them to come. I was so fucking excited and could feel my pussy wet in my panties. I hoped they’d send at least two men. I hadn’t had sex since last week with the police department. I waited patiently for them. After about fifteen minutes, I heard my door open.“I’m in the bedroom!”“We’re inside your house. We’re coming to the bedroom now.”Two firemen came into my bedroom. They. I wasn’t too big on church … hope that wouldn’t be a problem. After the girls returned from church, Mom fixed a light lunch since we were all still stuffed from our meal the previous evening.The phone rang and the Doctor answered. Suddenly, he slammed down the phone. “God damn it!” said the Doc, “That bastard Sweeney cancelled our tennis match! I’ve had that court reserved all week!” He was pissed. “Doctor,” I said, “I’ll take his place if you like.” The Doctor was thrilled to have a tennis.

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