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I nudged him and took out his earphones. "Why aren't you wearing any clothes slut?" He told me. I closed my eyes to keep in control. "Please, don't ca...l me a slut. Now can I use your shower please?" "Umm, isnt a slut someone who enjoys sex?" "Joshua. Don't. Go. There." "You're right, someone who fucks everyone in sight?" He said with a grin on his face. The other boys in the room snickered. "Are you mad because your little sister gets more pussy than you ever will Joshy?"It was so ironic since. She was wearing a black silk body tight dress with cut from her thigh and backless till her waist. She was looking absolute stunning and I immediately got hard which she has already eyed and I tried to hide.I went inside as she greeted me inn and like a perfect man I sat on sofa and her husband came and we started a chit chat and then he asked if I wish to have some drinks to which I said I don’t mind having few pegs and they the lady named Vanshika prepared 3 pegs and sat behind me and we. After about thirty or forty-five minutes, he did.I heard Dave shut, and lock the door. He called out, "He's gone."I walked out of hiding, and into his arms. I looked up admiring lyrics into his eyes and said, "So now can I have you all to myself for the night?"He smiled. I knew it was about to be a great night. Every night I could spend with him was full of love. We kissed, he stopped to breathe, "I'm all yours."I smiled and took his hand guiding him to his mattress. His house was all packed up. Chuck's cock was hard, big, and it was sticking straight up.I straddled Chuck as I reached down and grabbed his dick and squatted down on it. I felt it slide inside filling me as I went down. I can't explain what happen to me, I knew this was all wrong, I knew I was being forced to do this, yet I also knew that I could not stop, I could not get up and leave. It would cost me maybe my husband, and of course the money.What I am trying to say is, while I knew I could stop, I also knew that it.

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