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Come with me, I want to introduce Bob to Renee Duval."Renee turned out to be a model quality woman, French, with a curvy figure that made her verge on...voluptuousness. As Bob got introduced, he could feel all her focus shift to him, and he replied in kind.After some small chat, Renee said, "You give your all to the person you're talking with." She spoke with the continuing touch of a lovely French accent."So do you. I find it an attractive trait in people. I hate it when someone starts a. "Come with me." I follow her. She's a little small and wears little makeup, as seems to be the case with most germans, but she's cute. The dark dress looks good on her, and her hair is decently cut and braided. And she's got that submissive air that people in helping, service-oriented jobs (nurses, stewardesses, maids, etc.) often do.She's leading me to the side, where a closed door with the label "personal" is, fishes a key out of her pocket, and unlocks it. She's smiling insecurely and puts a. ”I laughed. “Please, what?” Too bad she couldn’t tell me. She fell back again instead, whining. I started adding fingers and then I quit the video so I could have both hands, realizing her body was so relaxed at that moment. Her pussy was widening to take my fingers and she was managing to come alive enough to spread her legs and beg still. She writhed when I filled her with all five fingertips so that I shushed her. “No, no, Rikki. It’s okay. Don’t fight it. You’re being such a good girl,. She stretched her long legs at the empty stable and managed to enter from the side entrance and make it all the way to her bedroom without meeting any other early risers.The Commander told her to wear her uniform this morning and she was quite satisfied with the fit which accentuated her neatly curved buttocks and highlighted her lush breasts fighting to be free of the confining buttons. She skillfully applied the cosmetics that she had not been using ever since she first heard of her spouse's.

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Jungle fucking

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