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Rather than leading Rockie to the sofa, Patty took her first to the wall on the left side of the door, where more than a dozen watercolor paintings hu...g. All of them prominently depicted the Corvair that JR now drove in the scene. There was also a single photograph of the Corvair, parked on the sand at some beach location with what looked like a teenage Patty and Bobby kissing in front of it.“I met Bobby on the first day of my junior year of high school. I had just transferred to a new school,. Now it was mid October. Their dorm complex had arranged a hayride as a preliminary for a dance later on. In fact they had even found a place that offered horse drawn wagons instead of the tractors now almost universally used for this purpose. So with the temperatures down in the forties, the sky clear and filled with twinkling stars, they were here on a large flat-bed wagon filled with bales of hay – well, straw actually – along with eight or ten other couples. Everyone had driven out and met. I had a line on a house party in Houston's Memorial neighborhood and thought we could go there. On the way there I pointed out the Houston Arboretum and Memorial Park. She said she wanted to stop briefly to look around, being new to Houston and a total hippie free spirit. We parked the car and sat on the swing set to talk for a while. I took a chance a leaned in to kiss her at the slightest sign of a segue; she accepted it. Good, soulful, trusting kisser. When the kiss ended she looked in my. "Mmm-hmm".Then my pussy lips received a liberal teasing with the carrot's tip while she held me tightly, letting me know what was to soon to be inserted. After pretending several times, the carrot finally re-entered with penetrations synchronized with each word:"*Masturbation*!" *Is*!" *Dirty*!"I gasped for breath with every word as I felt wave after wave of delicate warm sensations flowing through me. Jenny used her feet to spread my legs even *further*, something I would have never believed.

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