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IV.Colt and Leah checked into a cheap motel along Route 9 near a college town. Given the fact that there were five major colleges in a twenty mile of one another, one being exclusively female, he figured that he would have himself some mighty beautiful pickings to choose from. Colt sent Leah to scope out the college that started with an S while he checked out two other ones.That evening, he spotted a very pretty girl in a café near the university. Throughout the evening, the girl was. Bennett had given me in class of her pink bra I was so ready for for a tutoring session after school. As I entered the classroom she was sitting at the desk and turned towards me popping a few buttons on her plain white blouse. She opened the two halves and asked me what i thought. "I think your are beautiful and your bra is making me very horny". "Good. Get in the office and strip to those pretty undies I know you are wanting to show me." I was down to panty, bra and stockings in an instant. Much to my surprise, I didn't gag or anything. Jimmy noticed this as well and I could feel his cock stiffen. Using the hand in my mouth, he forced me down onto my knees. With one swift motion, he took his hand out of my mouth, grabbed the back of my head and pushed his throbbing cock all the way into my mouth. I should be ashamed to admit this, but when my nose touched his abdomen, I shot the biggest load of my life into my boxers. It was a massive wad of thick, urgent cum. As he fucked my. It was a damn chick flick she had been talking about for the past week, but Mark wasn’t planning on watching the silver screen. Inside the dark room, the opening credits of the movie were starting to roll. Mark looked around for his sexy mother. There was one lady on about the third row of the small theater. That wasn’t her. While this lady was cute, she didn’t have the sexy body and MILF attraction of his mom. Then he spotted her, up on the top row. Perfect. Mark ducked his head, hoping he.

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Bhabhi love 3

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