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Jack! I squealed as his fingers moved a little deeper. My face was flushed, and not just from the heat of the water in the shower. Thats&hellip,thats ...asty! He chuckled, sliding his other hand between my legs, teasing my clit with one finger just the way he knew I loved. I moaned and arched my back, forgetting about what he was doing in my asshole for the moment. Does it feel nasty? he asked me, rubbing my clit and fuckingyes, he was fucking my assholein a slow, easy motion and I was caught. Later that Night ——- After hearing Marge close and lock her bedroom door Bart signaled to Milhouse to do the same. After a few moments of silence the 2 boys quietly moved Bart’s bed to the center of the room and closed the curtains. The 2 boys then climbed on top of the bed in their PJs. Milhouse looked at Bart’s groin area. He saw a small bulge begin to form. Milhouse was not so confident about experimenting in gay sex with Bart anymore. Bart looked at Milhouse and realized his friend’s. As we got in the car her dress rode up and gave me a nice glimpse of her skimpy white panties, I knew I was developing a bulge under my trousers but unlike my shorts it was kept hidden.We took the short drive home and chatted about this and that and I was still unsure if she realized that it was me that fucked her yesterday.As we got home the first thing she asked was to use the bathroom, I told her it was upstairs and then said I would follow her up as I needed to change, I was about 3 or 4. If Mr. Big decides that you stay home, I might hook up anyway. The same Dallas contingent will be there, so Ace will prob’ly attend. See what a slut you created? Now that you taught me how to deep throat a dick, even a big one, do you think I should try my new-found skills on other guys? Les sure did like it, but I was afraid I was so good he might get suspicious. I love the concert we went to. I really like your style of music. The boxset of C&W tunes might have backfired, though. I'll tell.

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