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He had been watching a lot of porn. He grew to like seeing women reduced to a certain state. It just felt wrong to let him torture her with his needs....On the other side, Olivia didn't seem to mind that at all. Nataly made her a visit once. At night. The unexpected one. Olivia's husband opened the door. "What a wonderful surpise!", he said. Nataly got freaked out for a moment. Half naked man was standing in front of her. How could that be? Does he know about... Did Olivia told him? "John!",. Finally we land and as I walked off my plane I see her standing there wearing a raincoat. No surprise as it was raining but I suspected she wore nothing under the coat as she had actually taken the time to park and come in to meet my plane, which she never did. We hugged and she whispered in my ear, "I have a surprise for you." I said, "You mean you have nothing on underneath the raincoat. I'm not surprised." She just smiled and said, "Guess again.' We make it to the car and start the 30 min. I smiled and pulled her to me. We kissed gently. "Would you like to do it lying down, missionary?"She nodded and I cleaned off my desk, and she climbed on and lay back, spreading her legs, they hung off the end from the knees down. I pulled off her shoes and then her fancy denims and tiny underpants. Her pubic hair told me she was a natural blonde. "You are certainly a very pretty girl. I'm surprised you haven't done it with a boyfriend." I'm tired of fighting them off, been doing that for. "None," he replied, "It just keeps moving back and forth. Shouldn't we try to kill it?" Yes, definitely," I said. "If it threatens us. As it is, I just don't know. We are on a Quest and shouldn't get sidetracked. Also, I can't get over the feeling that this is tied somehow to our Quest. If we kill that thing, will someone somewhere know we are coming?"I tried to get Gaku to go back to his bedroll, but he would have none of that. He wasn't about to shut his eyes as long as that thing was there..

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