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Finally I went outside and Jeff was the first one I saw. He mentioned the upcoming sale right off the bat. Several cattle buyers were coming to town a...d they would be buying cattle to ship out, mostly back east and a lot of them would probably head toward Chicago.I'll admit I wasn't so worried about the money right now since there had been a lot of money in the bank when Dad died and we hadn't really spent much since then and I had gained the box of double eagles via the spaceman trade. Still,. He gave input and opinions on some issues, and took advice from the other executives on others. Afterwards, they all had a break for the rest of the flight. Some went to snooze in their personal seats, some went to the bar to drink and talk, and some hunched over their laptops to get more work done.Ryan got Danielle’s attention and pulled her into a private office at the back of the jet ... and inducted her into the mile high club, to which he’d belonged for many years. He took off all his. Then I kept my voice low so no one else could hear us. "I couldn't stand the old bastard. He was a serial cheater. It was just in his nature to cheat." You can't fight nature," she laughed."And Judy is such a sweetheart," I continued. "I don't know how she put up with it for so long. After she gets over his death, she'll be better off without him." You're high," she laughed. "Women are not like that; especially her generation. He was her first lover, her first husband, her first everything. Why. "We're here, slut, at the farm. Now your easy days are over and we'll get you to work to earn your keep."Chapter FourI didn't really think any more, not in the way I used to. It was more a kind of mental humming, or static, as I passed from one dehumanizing torture to the next.Each morning, I was let out of my stall in the barn, with my bare flesh marked with the strands of hay that were my only bedding. I was led into a small wooden enclosure, and the newness of morning making me freshly aware.

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