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You’re a farmer, your parents before you were farmers, and their parents before them were farmers. It’s a sad, brutal life filled with woe and mis...ry, famine and war, lords and lieges. You live alone in a humble farmstead that you pay exorbitant rent to your cruel Baroness, Liv Williams.One day however, as you are tilling the fields, you dig up a dusty tome, brimming with ancient and powerful magic! You run inside onto your bed and sit cross-legged, covering your entire body with your blanket. Then again theRamrod, with my sucking cock, getting fucked, dressed like a girl takingit up the ass, kissing men, swallowing cum, all of it, again clear and asdetailed as a bell, there was no denying any of it, it was there for allto see. "Do you see Carly, we have you." Angel looked steadily at me, andI nodded. "You are ours, you belong to us. You will do whatever we saywhenever we want, or we will ruin you this way to all who would beinterested to know." I could see no way out, standing there. I'm going to laugh my ass off if you do that tomorrow night." Fuck, I was scared shitless," Frank griped, "and it was just a damn rehearsal." Just so you don't faint tomorrow night," Dave said."Faint? I'm not going to faint — well, I hope I don't." That's all right," Jeff said, laughing. "We'll prop you up and I'll try out my ventriloquist skills. I do," he finished, trying to keep from moving his lips while sounding a little like Frank — a very little.Frank glared at him."So what are we going. Slowly she eased her kiss and loosened her hands, allowing me precious air as my orgasm subsided. Eric pulled out of me, leaving my limp and spent body on the mattress momentarily. He grasped Zoe by her upper arms and pulled her toward him while spinning her around with her ass to him. His hands slid around her front side and cupped her breasts before sliding one palm under each of her hamstrings and opening her for me. His engorged cock was vertical against her ass crack. No penetration,.

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