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.. what now?"It was a good question. I really had no idea, but I felt it would be demoralizing to admit that out loud. "Well," I said. "Let's count ou... assets." We have two completely naked and barely conscious women and we're a couple hundred miles from home, locked out of a crazy computer chamber that is deleting chunks of air right out of the... out of the air, and we have a psychopathic rapist who is either dead or escaped into the beyond wanting us dead or turned into mindless sex slaves.". Her third trip of the day was always more tiring than the first two.“Ahh, good, you’re back,” Boktar said. He and Josip took the bundle of wooden boards she was holding. She could only carry a small stack at a time, so she’d been bringing some back on each trip. “That took a while.”“It was hard to find an ironmonger’s shop without being able to speak the language. I had to get help from the desk clerk at the Senshall office.” She took her bag from her shoulder and handed it to Josip. It held. ?I’ll make myself a coffee and think about it?. She left me lying there twisting around trying to get some sexual relief. She took her time and by the time she returned I was at half mast. I had been rock hard for hours but going a bit soft didn’t make any difference to my frustration and desperateness to cum.Julie Laughed and asked if I would like her to climb on and fuck me. I instantly said ‘YES please Mistress?. She went to the drawer and took out a packet of condoms which surprised me. I laid around in bed for awhile myself, not because I still felt sleepy, but because it seemed better to be in bed, while they were in there Doing It, than having me walking around the house. So I waited them out, and, after a long while, I heard the shower going and knew that one of them, if not both of them, was up. It was about 9:30 in the morning by that time. Going to Gettysburg seemed like a pretty ambitious project, late as we were starting the day.Dave also wanted to take me down to see.

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