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." Not anymore," both women said in unison before Jill continued for them, "Our husband has almost certainly paid them off..." But, those loans aren't...his responsibility ... and besides that, how could he know who I owe? We've never even discussed it." Remember what we said about Security knowing everything about you? We did mean everything. Before Bill went to the Ship with you today, he was on the phone with Security. Ten to one that was what the phone call was about." The two wives looked at. I was always stingy with my affection and my body just like my Mom. The training is to make me more generous with others. That’s part of why we were sitting with our legs spread and we have to stand with our skirts pulled up so the cracks of our butts can be seen. If we make a few people smile by sacrificing a little of our dignity, that’s a lot better than the alternative. I used to wear baggy clothes and stare daggers at men like you if they stared at me too long.”Don looked nervous.“Don’t. I saw you a thousand times when you were child. But I am seeing my son with an adult penis, which is very big for the first time.”Abbas said –“is my cock bigger than dad’s?”His mom put her fingers around his cock, holded it and then said.Mom said –“no. your dad’s cock is bigger than yours. But lets see whose cock is thicker and ejaculates more.”Abbas said –“mom are you going to see me ejaculate.”Mom said –“yes ofcourse, I am teaching you how to masturbate and ejaculate also.”Abbas said –“ok. What did he mean by being complicated?“Why did you say it was complicated if it’s so simple?”“Because there’s more to it than that, and I don’t want to say about the rest yet.”May raised her eyebrows when she heard this and realized that the bubble did not release any jet. What else is there about it? She had no idea. After a few moments of silence, she spoke.“Okay, ask your question then.”Lucas smiled and asked without thinking too much.“Do you like me?”“...”May was surprised, and temporarily.

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