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Teri reached around behind her and came back with her panties and stuffed them in Niki’s mouth. Niki’s eyes rolled back into her head and she fell...back against the door as her second orgasm swept over her and she cried out around the panties in her mouth. As Niki calmed down, Teri pulled the dildo out of her and, locking my gaze in the mirror, sucked it clean just as I turned down our road.Teri and Niki nuzzled into each other and talked quietly together for the rest of the ride.Just as we. He went over to them and introduced himself ' Hi im Ted " may i join you? " as he stared their way "sure" said Olga not knowing why this guy was so young , he was her grandsons age. ' Hi im Olga & this is my girlfriend Marie " 'nIce to meet you both " said Ted " how about you buy me a beer Olga " & the three of us will have a quick conversation before we go back to my place said Ted , "sounds good " said Olga still under Teds spell she didnt know why but her pussy was now wet. & she couldnt. "Dude, can you believe this?" he said, waving my phone. "Those girlsare our sex slaves! This thing works! We can do anything with it!Anything!" Ted, we can't keep them like this. It's totally wrong," I said as Istood, trying to pull up my ill fitting pants and making a grab for myphone.Ted spun, yanking the phone away from me."Come on man, look at all the fun we can have with this. There's noreason to be a goody goody about it. Check this out," he said as heheld the phone up."I wish both those. I couldn't help it." He lifted off me as he slowly slid his dick out, bending my legs up to watch as his cum oozed out of me, mixed with a little blood. Seth grabbed some Kleenex and wiped up my messy puss to avoid getting it on the couch.I relaxed, laying naked on the dirty basement couch and thinking about the way I had planned this to go, which was nothing like the reality. I had envisioned being in my room and a lot more romance leading up to it. A dinner date, maybe a movie, whispering to.

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