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I just looked into her face. It was too late to do anything. I just flexed my cock muscles and I erupted inside Betty. I think we both threw our heads...back as cum spewed from the tip of my black nozzle. I must have cum for five minutes straight as Betty's pussy had me in a death grip. I could see my seed dripped out from Betty as I brought her back over the the counter edge. She sat there until we both calmed down enough that I was able to remove my dick from her wet hole."I have never been. It was hard to leave him alone like that." You should have had him caravan over with us. It'd be okay." No, now that wouldn't be right. I told him I'd call him as soon as I got home though. He's going to beat feet it back to his place so we make that phone connection."I'd missed her more the more she talked.---------"Cully, can I trust you not to root thru this trunk while I phone Tommy?" We'd got it into the house."Well, when do I get my presents? They're in there?" As soon as I get done. ‘It’ll snow before morning,’ she said, then stepping back into the hallway went on, ‘Let’s go down to the kitchen, we do most of our living there. It’s warm and I’ve got a meal just about ready for you.’ I followed across the echoing hallway, down a short passage and through a door into a brightly-lit room. I had noted the word ‘we’ when she invited me to the kitchen, and I wondered who the ‘we’ was. Now I found out. A little girl about three or four sat by a log fired cooking stove, playing. Becca's pussy was dripping once again, her body was tense with excitement. Chrissie brought the vibrating toy down on Becca's pulsing clit and Becca jumped from the pleasure. Chrissie brought it down again and again Becca quivered from the pleasure."Mmm I see you like this one baby." Mmmhmm," moaned Becca as Chrissie began moving the toy around her clit. She couldn't believe she hadn't done this sooner!"Think you want one?" Y-yes!" cried Becca, having trouble thinking for the intense feeling.

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