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.. If they do it, and I miss it ... I think I'd go fucking loony. They're just so right for each other."I was taken a bit off guard when Leanne sudden...y slid herself onto my lap and seductively ran her right hand across my left cheek, her eyes full of passion as she softly said, "I've never told you how thankful I am for what you did for me." You're welcome," I said just as softly, instinctively avoiding eye contact to prevent her emotions from flooding into me."I owe you so much," she said,. There's one assigned to your table. And forget about some moron on third base while you're playing blackjack. No one is allowed at your table without your invite." Really?" he said, interested in spite of himself. "And you've done this a lot?"She smiled. "Gambling is yet another one of my vices. I'm pretty good at it, too." But you're not twenty-one yet."She chuckled. "When you take out enough in chips they don't give a rat's ass how old you are, they just give you the signature sheet and a. "Rick releases Frank's cock and smiles "I knew you would." He rushes back to the door slowly opening it and walking back to the other booth. He opens that door and sticks his head in, hey babe come on I got a huge surprise for you. Mallory quickly slides her skirt back up leaving the panties behind as she rushes to the door. "Are we all 3 going to?" Yeah just follow me and be patient." Rick says as he grasps her hand and leads her to the counter. "Hey I need to use the private rooms for a bit. I poured us both a glass of chilled wine and we settled ourselves onto the balcony's upholstered lounge sofas. After a few moments of idle chatting, Bridget asked me who had sponsored my membership to the Castle. I told her about my friendship with Ellen, and her relationship with Richard."Oh yes, I know Dickey quite well," she grinned, "But how did you meet him? Did Ellen tell you to look him up?" No, Ellen and I been friends for several years and I don't recall her ever mentioning him... but.

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