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The little bald guy was telling them to stay out of my room until he had a chance to take my statement about what happened, and if they disobeyed his ...rders, he would have them arrested for impeding a Federal Investigation. I had no idea what he was talking about, but the three people standing there were the only friends and pseudo family I had. Nobody was going to threaten them as long as I could still breathe."Mr., I don't know who the hell you are, but if you ever speak to my family like. YEEAAH CODY! GIVE IT TO HER! someone shouted. Cody removed his pants quickly and with an angry look. His fierce gaze stared at me as he undressed himself as quickly as he could. I clutched my knees together and begged him over and over to stop. I whimpered as his underwear came down his thighs. My eyes opened wide in horror when I saw his cock spring forward. It was the first time I had seen one in this manner. I stared in shock. It seemed to be fairly large. The head looked like a large. I stressed the word didi, which is Hindi for elder sister. Somehow, realizing that what we were doing, or planned to do, was considered taboo made it even the experience even more thrilling.She looked at me. Then looked at her top. Then slowly lifted it up. Slowly.As midnight came, and all were practically dozing off on the terrace, I noticed my cousin had also ‘fallen asleep’.The ‘fallen asleep’ part is important, as we’ll see later.I did my prepared routing, casually placed my hand on her. I stroked his cock in my hands. He had to be at least nine inches, and was thick."I can't believe you never shared this gem with anyone."He smiled at me. I laid down, kissing his cock as I did. I placed soft kisses up and down his length, rubbing his sack as I did."Ahhh."Soft moans escaped from his mouth when I placed my mouth around him. I bobbed my head up and down."Oh, God you feel so good."Precum oozed from his hole. I eagerly licked it up, swallowing the cum as he watched.I pushed and.

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