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I like the saltiness. My hand works its waybehind him for stability while my other I slide downinto my pants. I’m not overly ready yet, but I kn...w hecan feel what I’m doing because my hand is trappedbetween himself and my body. I can feel his breathingquicken and I can feel his cock throbbing hard againstme. “Oh, hon…” is what comes out of his mouth as Istart to make myself wet, working my fingers around mypussy slowly.It doesn’t take long. soon I’m. .., Say. What is your name anyway? I did not catch it last night." She looked a little unsure. "Evrith, my lord." She said tentively. Jaseth thought a moment. "Evrith, from now on, please ask. I am not likely to say no, but I would prefer the coice." "I will." She promised.He continued. "I do not currently have a personal page, and am getting ready to take my seat as Duke of the west march. " He gave her his famouse disarming smile. "Would you care for the job, or do you not want to leave the. .I almost pleaded with myself to stop thinking about him and his imagined huge cock stuffing my pussy, my mouth and asshole... I wanted him badly, but the weather conditions being what they were, it was a sure sign I was alone for the night, with my toys and all things wildly erotic going on in my head...My clit was throbbing for attention and my pussy was wet with enthusiasm..I rummaged through my toy box and found the best one for this night's story of stories..It was the twelve inch real. She noddes her head yes and says “I’m just getting them more beer…but the sexy way…like you do.” Great answer…I pause and then ask her an important question…and her answer, little does she know, determines how the rest of the weekend will go. Do you feel sexy? Do you like being desired by those men? I wait for her answer…hoping to hear what I want her to say. OMG YES LACY!!!!! Can I go in there now? Please please please?? I’ll do it exactly how you said…plus I’ve watched you get their beer for.

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