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I made the customary sounds to indicate that I felt sorry for her plight, but all I could think of was how I was going to get her to agree to letting ...e fuck her. Finally after almost an hour of her constant chatter and deep thought on my part I decided to take the easiest path. I parked the car on a deserted stretch of road. “Why are we stopping?” she asked me. “To collect my payment”, I told her. “Payment?”“You didn’t think the ride came for free, did you?” There was genuine surprise in her. What I’m about to tell you happened a few weeks before one of these outings when we camped by the river…exams were finished…school almost out…so we had no pressure on us. My best friend in those days was the prettiest, sexiest little woman in the club. Her name was Phyllis. She was not only full of fun but also had a spirit of adventure and was about as uninhibited as one can imagine.One time, before our camping trip, we were at her house alone…family at the store…Phyllis made us a sandwich. You know I’ll always be here for you.’ The words spilled out of Stan, he wasn’t even truly aware of what he’d said. Just then Stan realized someone was behind him in the canteen. He turned to look, and saw that it was Anne. She had a very serious look on her face! ‘Stan?’ she asked, ‘What are you doing with Denise?’ Stan stood, feeling slightly guilty. It must have shown in his face, because Anne’s face and posture returned to it’s more customary forbidding nature. Stan’s instinctive ‘It’s not. ? Her words caused pleasure to pulse through him and she laughed in a mocking way when his cock throbbed, and that only made him hotter. ?Oh yeah, you can’t wait for me to take you, can you, you little slut?? Her pussy left his vision. She turned around and his heart flew with excitement. She hovered her crotch over his penis and he automatically bent his knees some more, to give himself purchase on the floor so he could thrust. She gave a low, mocking laugh. .

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