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Looking at the new meat-cow Jerry sees her biting her lip staring at Jessica, as Jessica took her new slave by the chains Jerry could over hear Jessic... whispering to the new girl "Shhhh don’t worry your safe now, I wont let anything happen to you" was heard while Jessica chained her to a wall to await the guards return with Lina. Looking to Jessica with curiosity "Jess what was that all about?" he asked "What was what boss?" she replied "Never mind" he answered as the guard walked in with. " What do you mean?" snorted Norman."Well what is it?" Um, Darling?" Good answer!"Everyone laughed and the Jays escorted them to the bar where Mattie and Judy went into action.The next arrival was Fred. He was not wearing a cap, which revealed a head of close-cropped dark hair."Ah!" said James. "A face we know."Fred stared at him."You came in at lunchtime six weeks ago when we came to do a look round." Oh yaas," said Fred. "Oi 'member. Sittin' over there you was." That's right." Comes in most. I decided to check myself how much more time does she needs. I went upstairs, the door wasn’t locked. I opened the door and saw Mami in a red towel partially wet.Her assets were completely visible. I wanted to close the door at that moment and go out, but don’t know what happened and I entered the room and locked the door. That requires a hell lot of confidence! I asked, “Mami how much more time?”. She said, “just 5 mins more”. I said okay and was about to exit the room and heard a voice from. Hurts so good!"The torrent continued unabated. She was groaning and shuddering completely transported by the ecstatic feelings of sudden release, as she squirted and moaned."Mooooooo! MOOOOOO!"While she was in the throes of let down some of the Rebel troops brought out two poles which they positioned and then drove into the floor of the compound on either side of her.The Rebel Leader let go of her breasts and his men grabbed her legs and forced them up and wide."No don't stop, NOOOOOO!"She.

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