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Catherine stood next to Loren’s head, her whisper heard by her. “Look how big his kock is, Susi, it is over twenty inches long. Have you ever had ...nything that long in your pussy before? Look how big around it is, over six inches, bigger then my fist. And the ridges on it. They add another inch on each side, over eight inches wide. Do you think your pussy can spread that wide, Susi? You’re really going to like the two horns on the end. Zorg tells me he can make them stick out whenever he wants. My curiosity about other girls only increased as I proceeded through school.Up until 7th grade I only fantasized about lesbian acts.Once during a family picnic at a state park my cousin Sara and me were walking alone together through the woods,there was no one around and she said she had to p** sliding out of her spandex shorts she squatted beside the trail and proceeded,my pussy became tingly as I watched and listened to the stream puddling in the dirt,reaching out my hand I felt the warmness. . not even her daddy. Hugging felt awful good. And it must have felt good to Hanson, too... good enough to make that white stuff come out of his cock. Billie rubbed her thighs together and sighed. Maybe Hanson had been pretending that he was putting his cock up inside her body while he moved against her.A sudden wind blew the curtains open and there was a rumble of thunder. Then the wind rushed through the trees around the house, and lightning made everything in the room brighter for an. I once again had a hard-on, and this time she looked up and saw me looking–then she looked at my shorts and blushed.I went to her, saying “I am so sorry, I should not have been watching you.” She told me it was o.k., and then started crying again. She sobbed that she knew Jake had another girlfriend. I took her in my arms and pulled me to her. She looked up at me with tear-stained eyes, and I kissed her. At first she did not respond, then she darted her tongue into my mouth and our tongues.

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