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He’s a family and estate lawyer, so he must know about this stuff.”“Okay, and I’ll talk to the girls about it.”All through the exchange, Mar...aret Gunderson had listened in open-mouthed astonishment. Now she felt that she needed to intercede.“Hiram may not like it if the house goes to Helen.”Helen just snorted, and Trudy shook her head. “Again, find somebody who gives a shit. You and Hiram need money. I’m willing to help out, but that means I’m calling the shots.”“You don’t have to be so crude,. I was apparently being either too quiet or too slow because he said. “Go get your shoes. We don’t have all day.”I looked away, side-stepped them and the motorcycle and went to my apartment. I pulled my keys out but the door was unlocked. I shrugged it off because I hadn’t left a key for Faith. She wouldn’t have a way to get back in if she had locked it.I went straight to my bedroom and spotted clothes in a pile on the floor at the foot of my bed. I hadn’t left mine there. Thanks to Katrina, I. She looked same as Parineethi Chopra when she entered the industry. Her size was 34D, 30, 34 and medium complexion. Till then we were there near the door. Now we moved to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and started to remove my dress. Within no time I was nude.She took my dick in her hand started to stroke it. After some time, she sat on the floor and put my dick on her mouth. She was sucking my dick like a pro. It was touching her throat and coming out, what pleasure that was. I was about cum,. The girls were getting a little impatient when she said, “You have such nice hands. Good model. Be nice to girlfriends with them.”The girls dragged me out again and we headed to the movie. On the way, of course, they had to tease me at Victoria’s Secret. That store was embarrassing to the eighty-year-old me, not just the fifteen-year-old! I hadn’t fully recovered when we got to the theater to see Alita. Desi grabbed my hand and led me down a row of seats near the back with Joan following close.

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