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They were phenomenal! They were beautiful, shapely, and accentuated by a really great pair of black high heels and dark nylons. Jim quickly scrambled ...ut from under the table, he wanted to see what the rest of the woman attached to those fabulous legs looked like. And he wasn’t disappointed. She was maybe a few years younger than Jim. She was fit looking and wore a professional but sexy looking, in Jim’s opinion, business suit with a rather short skirt. Her hair was dark, about shoulder length. It would still give me an erection.Days passed like this, and finally, one day, it was there. The time was 11:30 am on the screen. I could see a man entering mom’s bedroom but leaving immediately. I identified him. It was again Venkatesh uncle (read my part 2 of this series to know about him).That bastard had already tasted my Ammi once (which I saw. Maybe more). When he came, he was shirtless and only in a lungi and banian. All men of the house were out during that time. I thought what. ?Stop staring!??Typical male,? the white girl commented to her friends as Marilyn came down to the steps and deposited her belongings in the car.?Yeah, but how many guys look that beautiful,? the Asian girl remarked. ?I know why Shari said he didn?t hang around other people like him, um, herself. They?d probably try to kill herself,? she finished with a chuckle as Marilyn let herself in.?Hi! I?m Diana,? the driver said, introducing herself. ?The girl behind me is Heather, and the Asian girl. ” She was sullen and I didn’t hug nor kiss her. After a moment, she said, “I guess you heard that I’m stuck here for a while.” I nodded.Morgan said, “Mother, I hope you will use the time to reflect upon your life and become successful like you were. You were happier then.”Susan looked embarrassed for a moment. She said, “Morgan, could you go by the house and check the mail?”“Yes, I had planned for Evan and I to go by the house each evening. I won’t go there without him. I’m nervous there now. I.

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In jungle

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Desi fatty bhabi

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