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Ye sunte hi maine jhat se uske gulabi galo par kiss kar li. Fir wo sharama si gyi aur mujhe apni tarichi najro se dekhte hue boli.Nidhi – Tumhe nhi ...agta ye sab shadi ke baad hona chahyie.Ye keh kar wo mere ghar se chali gyi. Par us din wo mujhse naraj ho gyi thi. Nidhi mujhse baat hi nhi kar rhi thi. Fir wo shaam ko ab coching par aayi toh wo mere sath hi baithi hui thi.Maine usse bolne ki koshish kari par wo kuch bol nhi rhi thi. Fir maine himmat karke apna hath uske pato par rkha aur fir. Mrs.Apple was enjoying the show. We made Bobbi walk around some more, up anddown stairs. She could barely sit down.Finally I relented: "No, thank you, Mrs. Apple. I don't think she'sready for this. It would take courage and commitment, but Bobbi's awimp." Bobbi's face burned at this last remark. I continued: "Let's try asimple bra for now."We ended with a delightful simple bra with little padded A cups, justright for the current size of Bobbi's imagination. I made her keep it onunder her shirt.. I would have preferred having them at the dining room table while we ate but the arrangement was too large for that to be practical. I could hear Glenn come in just as I was putting the water on the stove for the rice. Opening the refrigerator I bent to get the soaking chicken out when I suddenly felt a hand on my hip. Making a point not to move away I leaned back a bit. ‘Can I get you something while I am in here?’ I said looking over my shoulder at him. He smiled, ‘No I just wanted to cop a. “What’s your name?” “Danielle,” I said as I accepted the card. “Beautiful name. You call me any time tonight and I’ll come get you right away,” he said. I smiled and asked him what I had done to warrant all of this generosity. He smiled again, and it was a very sexy smile. “I love girls, like you. I’d love to take you out sometime.” “Girls, like me?” I asked in my sexiest voice. He smiled again and sighed “Oh yeah.” I giggled as I looked at the card and got out my wallet to get him the fare..

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