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”“Ohhhhh, God.” Abby’s lips opened to accept the kiss from this monster of a woman. The dark copy of herself knew what it was doing with its t...ngue. They made out for a long time as the long appendage drove Abby to new heights of pleasure. After a while, they broke their kiss and Abby’s eyes tried to focus on the woman-thing above her. It seemed to be vibrating, its mouth hanging impossibly wide above Abby.“Get ready to take ... the gift of Axcix.” Smith’s body longed to complete the process.. When the statue of Liberty came into view a lump swelled up in his throat, and he silently thanked God and country for his freedom. His flight landed and the passengers began to file out, one after another. Once inside the terminal, he phoned Kandy. “Hi darling, I just landed, what time are you picking me up?”She giggled her reply, “As soon as you get through customs, I’ve been waiting two hours for you.”“Ooh that anxious are you?”“You could say that, I cannot wait to kiss you baby!’“Just kiss. On the drive back to my house I noticed his van was all carpeted in the back with lots of cushions – I thought this must be his passion wagon. So I determined not be lured especially on a first date. Bobbie leant over to kiss me goodnight and with his lovely soft lips feeling so sensual I melted in his arms and we let our tongues stroke each other. His hand started stroking my knee and moved up under my skirt – I pushed it away as he reached my panties. So he moved his hand under my blouse and. Will check those out later. I lifted and dragged her into the van.Ah what nice addition this will be. I rolled her over and tied her hand together as I slipped my hands under her skirt, nice panties, if I say so. What the hell I slid her panties off and marveled at that nice ass and cunt – that is NOW mine. I took a ball gag and inserted into her mouth. Can’t have her yelling. To be on the safe side, I tied her legs together. She will be wakening in about 15 minutes.I began the 2 hour drive.

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Little more fun 0:52

Little more fun

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Manju - Spanking 0:55

Manju - Spanking

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