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Infidel: Hi FatimaI loved the way he said my name. He had such a sexy commanding voice. It sounded like he had a New York accent. It turned me on so and I literally moaned into the phone without even thinking. I was still rubbing my pussy and my body felt like it was on fire. I had never been so turned on by a man in my life.Me: Mmmmmm. Ahhhhh. I love the way you say my name.Infidel: Fatima Fatima FatiiiimaaaaHe said it would more emphasis. His voice sent vibrations direct to my pussy. He. My fingers felt her wet pussy. I fondled her. When my middle finger slid inside of her, I felt the hottest sensation. Her vagina was on fire. My touch made her stop kissing and moan.I remembered what Sarah had taught me and moved down Brianna’s body. I made my tongue wide and encircled her nipple. As I began to suck her left nipple, I continued to slide my two fingers in and out of her pussy. Brianna began to yelp out, “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh!”She eventually pleaded out, “More!” Brianna sounded like. “Gone all quiet,” the second man said. ”Guess she thinks she’s in the shit.” “Nah, I’ll bet she’s looking for what her girlfriend got today.” the third man said walking in, sounding vary satisfied. “Two bitch cops in one day? What are the odds?” “Bastards,” she muttered, as she realised they were talking about Patty. She listened for anything, the voices, anything that might locate this place after... Carol stopped thinking about that. The object lesson was to survive. Get out and nail these. Melanie was beautiful, they had planned to get married, have children — the lot. They had been deeply in love. Then she left him for some rich guy. Women only want you for what you can give them, he reminded himself. No women ever again! I’m not going back until she’s gone. With his mind made up he started for home and for his first cold shower in years. The three of them went out and caught up with each other. Katie told Chris why she was there. He was shocked. He knew Jeff to be a bore — he.

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