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I heard a door bell and went out to see who has arrived.2 of my friends(boys)who were close friends were there.i called them in and gave the book i ha....then i gave them some coke to drink.they started sipping that and we had a gud chat.i told them about my parents…then one boy asked me for our family album and so i went in to take to show them i sat on a sofa and the boys beside me on both sides. suddenly 1 guy started to feel my fingers and i was unable to say no.the other one who was. Ola’s kept me apprised of your progress. She was quite annoyed when you chose the mystics—I take it from your clothing, you’ve completed the training?”“Yes, Mother Yewen.”“I’m proud of you, child. I was a mystic, too, for a few years, but then I broke my hip. Promise me you’ll be careful. It can be a dangerous life.”“I’ll be careful, Mother Yewen. Is that ... why you sent me to Tyrsall?” Treya had never quite forgiven Yewen for sending her away from her friends at Four Roads.Yewen sighed.. I checked my pockets to insure I had the coin of the realm, gold coins, mainly and some silver. As she was led to the auction block, a much younger woman was sold off, probably for the local bar that catered to men with my taste.She was mature for a slave, her body in good shape despite being draped in that silly sack of a dress. Her breasts were firm, perhaps a bit small but just fine. I made a note to examine them later along with other parts of her body, to carefully examine and touch. She still didn't notice I had ripped her tank top off. Or if she did, she didn't give a shit. I happened to look out the kitchen window and saw Walter Hawkins, the trailer park handy man, all scrunched down a little and looking in our living room window at my bare titted Dessie Mae. He was jerking on his dick; and he had the most pathetic expression on his face. I slipped out the bedroom door and walked up behind him and grabbed him by the collar."Just what the fuck do you think you are doing.

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