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When I opened the door earlierand was suddenly confronted by the man, the sight of him, masked and all inblack, had caused me to stagger backwards in ...hock allowing him to quietlystep inside my house. My arms were brought roughly together behind my back. My knees buckled, andI hanged briefly in the stranger's grasp. I began to struggle when he placedhis hand over my mouth, trapping my screams in my throat. I began to breatheheavily and felt my heart pounding in apprehension of what might happen. .. more than I already have.”“I’m not sure how much I can divide my attention, but I can guarantee some. It’s hard enough with the three of them now – Ash, Chris, and Mar, yet you deserve something good and that worries me as an option; maybe I should take it off the table. What do you want in a man?”Lisa took my face in both her hands, kissed me tenderly, and whispered, “Someone like you.”“Someone who can’t commit to only one woman, because that’s who I am now?”She nodded, “Yeah, that is a. Would do, he hastily went over, and took her in his arms. He and her kissed, MANY times, and she finally got around to asking him what HIS favorite position was. He told her that he would like to try her "doggy," so he could see what she looked like with his dick in her. She giggled, and told him that it was ALSO, HER FAVORITE. It always seened to go in so DEEP like that. She also let him know that he was welcome to fuck her as much as he wanted. NOW AND IN THE FUTURE!!! She was well aware that. This is crazy, I thought, but it wasn’t going to go away, as it was obvious that we both desperately needed something more from this unexpected encounter. We parted to draw breath, panting from that passionate kiss, and, grasping my hand, she silently led me from the living room and then climbed the stairs ahead of me towards her bedroom. It was an entrancing sight following her up those stairs, watching the movement of her buttocks as she climbed. Sheer knickers of any sort have long been one.

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