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This story may be posted on web sites that offer freedistribution of stories to the general public. Just drop me an e-mail tellingme where it's posted...and I'll be happy.Chapter 1 - The rescueThe space radio broadcast crackled and popped as the distant transmissionbarely reached the rocket base's main radio room. The radio operator put on alarge set of earphone to block out other noise so that he could concentrateon hearing the faint broadcast. After two minutes of intently listening,. His semi hard dick flew out and slapped his belly before it found its resting position leaning right towards me.My jaw drops, he was already twice as big compared to my bf and wasn’t even fully hard. I, out of instinct almost, place my hand on his dick and start to stroke it lightly.After we giggled and joked around for a little bit, he proceeded to drive to his house, which was not far away, while I had my hand on his dick. There was a point we’re I jokingly pretended it was the stick to. A smile spread across my face, I admired her forwardness but was still unsure of if she was serious or mocking me. “Go on, I know you want to, why else would you have looked at them for that long?” “How long was I looking?” I genuinely wondered as I had kind of lost track. “Best part of a minute… from when I noticed you that is.” She laughed. The smile on my face got bigger and I tried to laugh some of the embarrassment away. As I moved my eyes back to meet hers I noticed that the subtle. Why waste your orgasms on a fucking finger when my cock is ready for the servicing?”I replaced her hands off my cock with mine and pushed her forward into the jet stream. Both her hands fell onto the front of the shower wall making her assume the doggy style position. It took no effort at all to angle my cock head onto her cunt and push it all the way into her.“Aaarrrggggg!”Thurst after thrust my cock went into her. All that came out of her were mufflings and eeeks but all the resistance was.

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