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.But I wasn't ready.Where else would I be able to arrange for a group of cultists to fuck me as their captive?And hey, the snakes they said would be i... the scene were weird, but whatever!Besides, the pay was so much better than what I'd seen recently. So I gladly let them strip me naked, chaining my arms and legs apart on their pentagram. They blindfolded me, making me tense up as the first clammy scales of skin touched against my thigh, cold and heavy against my bare flesh. They curled,. And I smile to myself as I begin to read what's imprinted on it. I start to make my way up the stairs and walk towards my room without looking up when, all of a sudden, I run into a hard yet soft wall and stumble. The papers fall out of my hand and I almost fell were it not for dad holding me very still around my waist. A worried look is spread all over his face. I sigh and lean down to get it with no words directed towards him. I try to reach for the letter when it slips out of my grasp.. ”I put Lewis’s knob in my mouth and gave it a good going-over with my tongue. I decided he deserved my party-trick, so I took a deep breath and sucked him right down my throat, his balls flopping against my chin. He fucked my mouth vigorously for a few minutes, before pulling out and shooting a massive quantity of cum over my face.As Lewis was wiping the last drips of semen off his cock with my hair, four more rugby players gathered round me, two on either side.“This is called synchronised. His movements were slow and deliberate. I could feel the coursing of his blood through the large vein in his cock against my now swollen pussy lips.He continued his slow thrusting in and out of me as I watched. I began to pant as I felt another orgasm swelling up inside of me.“Ohhh. Ahhh. Mmm.” That one was the best of all so far.My body was shaking now. He was still holding my arms down although I don’t think I could have raised them if I wanted to. He was draining me not only of all my cum.

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