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We used to talk daily and chat for 10-15 minutes in the garden. One day she asked me for my number and I gave her.She called me that day and asked me ...o come for a coffee at her house. I was so excited as I used too masturbate imagining about her many times, and I thought this is the chance to get her. She was just seducing me but I was scared so couldn’t take anystep further. She had shown me her slevage twice. Her tight blouse with her half boobs out were turning me on. I had a super erect. He went to school on an athletic scholarship, he ran crosscountry in the fall, and played baseball in the spring. He didn't smokeor drink (much), and the only reason he was in the bar tonight was he washeading back to the dorm, he was also a Resident Assistant, and had touse the bathroom. Later I would say I was saved by a weak bladder.Mark said, "Michelle, if it's okay can I take you home now"? I have agame tomorrow, and I need to get some rest."I quickly agreed, and we headed to my. "It's not sinning."You say that, but-It shushed her, then moved the brush off of her lap. "I see what you do on your own. You always look great, but you always keep to yourself. You only have friends and dates because I step in and make you sociable. You-"“I know that,” she said. “I live my own life, you know.”"Not entirely."“I wish I could.”"Shh." It lifted her hips, and pulled up her skirt with both hands. "The thing is, I worry about you. Your isolation without me would be akin to a prison.". That was a mistake on several levels.First she gasped out loud, forcing herself not to moan. Her nipples instantly got hard as a rock and pointed out to their full inch and a half length.Next, I realized that my well-rested cock surged to tumescence in my pants, rapidly running out of room.I fell back, sitting onto the bench."Sorry, I don't know what came over me" Looking down I said "Uh huh, I can't leave this changing room like this." Oh I'll make you pay for that little maneuver later" She.

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