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I told my wife that I wasgoing to get the surprise I had promised her. I saidthat part of the surprise required for her to beblindfolded. She was so h...t by then that she just moanedout saying, “Anything… anything!!” I grabbed the night blinder she sometimes uses to go tosleep while I’m reading. I slipped it over her head andeye’s and said I would be right back. Jeanne was pantingnow and muttering, “Hurry. hurry up!!” I ran to the door to get Joe and. She swallow loves anal sex… being cum on being piss on and she a total freak.. sooo I guess that makes up for her look… well after the movies we came back started d***k and kickin back watchin movies… well she went to take a shower and ke kept tellin us how honry she was and kept fingering her pussy and rubbing his dick alll night.. well when she got out the shower she called him into the room and left me and the other 2 in the living room.. 30 mins later she came out piss and bitch how she was. Try to get an angle that feels good to you. Try it with your back straight, then try leaning forward. You can even lean back and put your hands on my legs to hold yourself up.”Mom was rocking back and forth on my crotch, but she was not holding herself up like she did the last time. The inch and a half of air between her crotch and my cock had disappeared. I was starting to get an erection but was trying to ignore it as I asked, “What did I say about the eyes?”“If he looks at my breasts, I. If it isn't too much trouble. Thank you." I don't want anything mom, thank you." Mike's mom went off to fetch the drink for Jennie. "Why are you here Jennie? I thought that we'd agreed that we weren't seeing each other any more?" I never agreed to any such thing Mike Sweeney. It was you who got it in your head to be jealous over nothing." It wasn't nothing. Besides, I thought you were Tommy's girl now?" Mike's mom came in with the Coke and a coaster for the can. She set it down in front of.

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