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"Not to worry," smiled Tina. "I just phoned David Traver -- he's a friend of ours. He's also the DA in charge of the stuff you're starting rumors abou.... Apparently, the people running the Program didn't want to make a stink of something that Bob and his crew did, at least until all the facts were in. Someone had been trying to leak the info to the news media, and thanks to you, they've found out who it was. See ya later."Tina smiled and Diane paled, put her hand to her mouth and ran down the. Uh ... independent auditing agency. The package was just a small box." He put his hands in the approximate shape."I didn't get anything like that." Mom!" I whispered. The man had to be after the package I received. I didn't want to give it up.Mom looked back at me."Oh, Edward," she said, unfortunately remembering at that moment. "You received a package." Edward?" the man inquired."This is my son, Edward." With the last name of Edison?" Yes," she answered."The package you received was addressed. My paddle and flogger spend plenty of time off their hooks. Your ass will be fucked ONLY when it is beaten, sore and hot to the touch. I my allow you some comfort of licking you tears off of my cock. Only when I am completely satisfied that you are truly remorseful for your infractions, I will let have the comfort of my seed. I can only imagine the situations that you get yourself into. Such the little damsel in distress. First you get your arms bound to your sides, all in fun. Then bent over. The hands reached out again, this time running over her naked abdomen. One hand reached lower, lightly grazing over her sparse pussy hair. Becky felt a finger reach out and split her pussy lips apart and slide along her wet pussy slit. She could feel it slide all the way down, almost to her anus before moving back up again. She shivered in fear as the finger began to masturbate her. Becky felt her pussy get wetter as the finger pushed her pussy juice along her slit. Two fingers now moved down.

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