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All of the sudden I heard footsteps. Before I could stop two dark blue eyes were peering in my window, and then they turned away quickly. It was Sandr..., she was wearing a black jacket and tight ripped out blue jeans. Her hair was up, and she had a plate full of breakfast. "Oh... Sorry." I stuttered."No its ok, finish... Or something." I heard her say. "I brought you breakfast." She added awkwardly."Well... I can't really now." I said, chuckling. "I can help you finish if you'd like." She said. . “Is that a buttplug? Was she not angry enough?”“Yeah, a really big one,” said Angeline. “But, don’t worry, we gave her a thorough enema. It’s there in case you want to convert her anally. Just pull the plug and stick it in. No struggling to make your big wonderful cock fit inside an uncooperative hole.”I spent a few moments bobbing my erection around the room trying to think of a way out of this, knowing and secretly hoping there was none. “Let’s just get this over with,” I said after a solid. As my strength returned my anger grew…. And finally I had reached the breaking point screaming… “Hey you god dam fuckers let me out of this chair here!.” I saw the startled expression on their faces at my outburst… and screamed again… “If you don’t let me out of here right now I will have my Sheriff Deputy Uncle bring his friends and cut off your dicks…” At that Jake stood up…. Smiled and said “Now, Mom. You shouldn’t talk to my friends like that. I’m afraid this just means you will need. It did not, however, take much persuasion on my part to have her enter my car, and once she was seated on the luxurious cushions I knew the battle was won. I asked her if she wished to dine, but she informed me that she would have to arise early as she worked in the downtown district and, as it was already late, she had better hurry right home and leave it for some other time.It is now time that I give the reader the benefit of a short de***********ion, in order that he may form in his mind the.

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