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.... Kim raises up wipes her chin looks at Pam and walks up to her still looking in Pam's eyes Kim says next time it well be you and leaves. Pam her daughter still panting hard on the bed her legs spread wide her cunt lips dripping wet just like her own pussy. How could this be? She was a mother a wife how could seeing her daughters pussy eaten by another woman turn her on so much? How could seeing her daughters wide spread legs make her weak and wanting to do things she knew were so. . here.”He paused the video again, then zoomed in on a spot on the metallic armor. It was blurry and pixelated. The target had been far away, and the resolution wasn’t great, but Jaeger could clearly make out an orange glow. The Captain advanced the video by another few frames, the armor slagging and becoming molten as the laser burned through it. A murmur passed around the table, a few of them glancing at Jaeger. They had probably been doubting his field report.“Chief Engineer Campbell, what. .. for those first few seconds.. I was scared to death.. thoughts were going thu my head so fast, I was almost out of bed..... but she held onto me... she settled me down.. she told me that she and her husband had discussed this, and that it was what they both agreed was what she wanted to do.. and after our last time together, she had gone home, told her husband about her afternoon with me... and she told me it was the second best fucking she had had that day.. and ever since that. Sue was down to just her bikini bottoms. She pushed him back on the sand and pulled his trunks completely off and gasped. Even I had to stifle my gasp so I didn’t give my presence away. His cock was about 7", but he was very thick, as thick as my wrist. But the head of his cock was even wider than the shaft. She began sucking his cock and making loud slurping noises. He was moaning and believe me I know what he was feeling because my wife can suck cock very well. She was working his cock over.

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