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The day of I took nap, juiced my system, and showered making sure to shave all vital areas. I put on my leather gloves and put a pair of folded latex ...loves in my back pocket. With the tape recorder in my jacket pocket I’m about to walk out the door when my dad opens it from the other side.“Going somewhere?”“Yeah, remember that girl I mentioned? I’m about to go meet her.” I start to walk out the door, but he sticks his hand up in a halting motion.So I stop and listen.“Did you prepare. I went to the passenger side door and climbed up and knocked. The lights were on dim and the curtain was pulled. I knocked again and stepped down back on the pavement and thought maybe I had the wrong red truck. Then the door popped open and I heard Bob say “Get in Toby”.I climbed back up and almost lost my balance when Bob grabbed my arm and pulled me in. Bob was shirtless and had a pair of boxers on and I noticed how big he actually was in a small place. I said Bob, are you sure there is. Lagi mane dakha uski chut par ek bhi bal nahi tha chuchi nembu ka aakar ki the uska rang bhi itna kala nahi ha jitna phala lag raha tha uski ma boli kasa mal ha mane kha 1class or ma bhi kapda utar kar shower ka nicha aa gaya mane ladki ko pakda to who ma ko dakna lage to uski ma us sa boli ki sahab ha tab mane uska hoto ko mouth ma la kar chusna laga uska hot chusna ma bhot anand aya uske ma bhi humara pas aa gayi or mara lund ko mouth ma la liya mara lund pura khada ho chuka tha mane ladki ka. Well give us a hug first before you go,” Jane said. Then everyone hugged and shook hands with everyone right after everyone put their dishes in the sink. “Well have a good honeymoon. I know it'll be your only honeymoon. And make sure you call me too if there's anything wrong with my great nephew or niece got it,” Connie asked as she hugged me. “Yes, we promise. OK Judy we should get going now,” I replied. “OK see you all later. Remember emergencies only,” Judy said. “We know, see you later,”.

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