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"Why?" "Noreason," she said, "just curious. Mom does, you know. I mean she has aboyfriend." "Yes, I know," he replied, "she told me." "And it doesn'...bother you?" Jessie asked. "I mean, if you thought maybe you were goingto get back together and all..." Sam smiled. "No, it doesn't bother me.I told you, we're just friends now, good friends. Anyway, you're thereason I'm here, not her. You know what I mean?" Jessie shrugged. "Iguess so, but it seems strange you don't have a girlfriend. You. There's been no trace of any of them."Patricia shook her head in wonder. "My parents pulled a real Houdini! I didn't know they had it in them. Melanie didn't either. She was quite upset by what they did. And then you two had your breakup right afterwards. My poor sister!"I nodded. "I was glad that you and Melanie still had each other."Patricia nodded back. "We've spent a lot of time, over the last two years, talking about our childhoods. My God Eric, our parents were monsters, true monsters.. ' I tried to be diplomatically with my answer '...I didn't intend to put you to work, I wanted both of us to have some fun times together and hope that it want be our last...' Ron smirked sexily saying '...can't have no fun worrying about my financial needs...' Seeing that we were at a stand still I inquired ' much are we talking about, and are you gonna work hard to secure it...' Ron smiled and said ' want be disappointed not at all, anyone can tell you that I work hard for my. I said yes, and mom went ahead and opened the door in that condition.I was surprised now, may be mom had something to shock that nosy neighbor. However, uncle was shocked to see mom in such daring dress. Mom didn’t immediately called him in but talked to him standing at the door.This aunty was starting now in awe seeing moms attire. After mom endured, she has her attention, she “accidentally” dropped her towel from her waist. This was ridiculous. Aunty almost peed with shock. Now, mom took the.

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