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I really don't remember what we talked about, except that he was impressed that I was a woman who drove a car with a standard shift. It was a hot nigh... in June 1985, so how I dressed was important. I wanted classy, yet comfortable. I certainly wasn't going to dress in a provocative manor, though a little cleavage is always acceptable. I noticed two things about him that I found appealing. The first was, at a time when a man wearing an earing was acceptable, he didn't. He also wasn't wearing. Left right.. his hands felt huge ..left right... I had forgotten how much this hurt. ..left right... the force of the last two made me jump forward. Oh I was breathing really hard already. I felt Arthur lift my skirt, and smooth my panties flat to my skin. My cheeks already felt like they must have started to redden a little. He slowly massaged my bum cheeks round and round in circles and I started to move with pleasure. Then suddenly the blows began again. And this time harder than. Finally, the voice said, “What I have joined together, let no man put asunder! I now pronounce you man and wife. Donald, you may kiss the bride. But please confine it only to a kiss until you’re out of the church!”At that, the tension in the church, which had become palpable, broke. The people began to howl with laughter. Don and Marion were laughing so hard, they could hardly kiss, but they managed. Then to the sounds of Mendelson, they fled down the aisle. To the astonishment of both, outside. Was she doing what I thought she was?Oh yes. Her breasts were ready to engulf my cock. I thought she was going to begin pumping, but she just sat there for a moment."Ooooh, looks like our pleasure doll is going to cum any minute now!" Claudette declared. "What do you say? Should we let him?" Hmmm, I say, no," Bree said, her stern voice returning. She looked at me and tapped my cheek with her fingers. "Don't cum anymore until I say so, okay?"Without taking my mouth away from her breast, I made.

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