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Fortunately, there was an accessible hatch to dock with and we piled onto the ship, along with our Meditechs, to begin triage.There were injured crewm...n everywhere, mostly being given comfort by a few mobile crewmen. There was no sign of the ship’s Meditech and no sign of any anaesthesia or painkillers having been used, so that’s where our Meditechs began, as Flinn, Torun and I began using our wands to stabilise the wounded.Indeed, stabilisation was all we could aim for. There were far too many. By the time they got there she was really drunk so she doesn’t remember the details, but she does know he took her up to his bedroom, where he got her completely naked apart from the sexy cat collar and then he fucked her missionary without a condom, finishing by shooting a sackload of his thick semen deep into her sweet, young, unprotected pussy.She might not remember the details but I know what she’s like when she fucks drunk because I’ve had the pleasure many times myself - she would have. .. that was very stupid, what you did, but I am proud of you. Now, for why I asked you here. Amy, Jessica, I have a question for both of you. After this mess is finished on the bases and on Terra, I want to reform the fleet after we build up a few more battleships. I then want to fold to the T'Lari home world and sterilize it." Good idea, Ken, if we knew where it was," Amy said as she took a sip of her coke.Ken's eyes went wide as he looked at Amy and blurted out, "We don't know where it is?". I couldn't wait any longer. I climbed on the bed up to her face. She was enjoying his tongue so much she didn't notice me until I placed the tip of my dick to her lips. She turned and opened her eyes as I eased my cock into her mouth. With every moan I felt the precum rush from my body. Mickey took his time and ran his tongue over every inch of her soft pussy. I reached and massaged her tits and played with her nipples. I could tell she was more than ready. She pulled my cock from her lips and.

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