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Vincent, lui n'avait pas demand? son reste ets'?tait abandonn? dans les bras de Morph?e. Le speech de J.M avec tousles serveurs dans l'uniforme du clu... chacun n'osant pas croiser leregard sur l'autre de peur d'esquisser un sourire malencontreux avait?t? un grand moment. Je me disais que j'avais bien fait de me raser lesjambes avant car certains des nouveaux venus ne l'avaient pas fait etcela d?tonnait quelque peu. L'exp?rience de se mouvoir dans une jupedroite pendant toute une journ?e ? la vue. I pick up the phone and am immediately connected to the secretaries.“Could you get me an espresso coffee please?” I ask politely. No need to piss off the staff I think. After all, there is only one woman in the building I intend ordering about today.The coffee, along with a plate of biscuits, is brought in a few minutes later by a rather shy looking and nervous secretary. I quickly appraise her as she approaches: mid-forties, letting herself go a bit, carrying a few too many pounds, probably. She looked over at him and sat impatiently in the chair on the other side of the table and said, ‘Damn it George, just sign the damn thing. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You have more than enough to get by on until you die. You have this damn cabin out here in the middle of nowhere and I didn’t touch your pension. Just sign it.’ George looked over at Carol and sighed once again. He reached for the pen in his pocket and scrawled his name on both sets of the paper beside her. "You have Joe and me, and you'll always have your son. I can't see him putting you in his rear-view mirror." "And you're confident about Joe, too? There isn't even the tiniest part of you feeling a tad crushed at the thought, that one of those dazzling young ladies could be down on their knees in front of him, right at this very second?" "No, we both want grandchildren and daughters-in-law, remember? This is a blessing in disguise, I swear. We don't even know that's what’s going on here, but.

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