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Come on in here, you sweet thing, I always say:) Whats your pleasure. Trying to remeber Dolly Parton's Hee-Haw sayings. The first friend wanted a "...ookie" and sat down at the table. I stepped back in the camper, and undid my overalls. Slowly Unbuttoning the straps, and letting the overalls fall to the floor. Then I slowly took off my top as seductive as I could remeber the women in my fathers movies, that he only showed me when mom was away at the market. The boys eyes got as wide as. Now Squirt is a small man, altho he too carries some pounds. But Montana is a big dog, all muscles and girth. Still, Commander Gander was in such a rage he lifted them like feathers. His eyes narrowed while he was looking at them. When he finally spoke again he emphasized each word: “I… WANT… BOTH… OF… YOU… TO… MAKE… ME… A… NEW… LASER… BY… THE… END… OF… THIS… WEEK !!!” And then he dropped them to the ground.Squirt wanted to protest, it just wasn’t possible, it had taken them months to build. Like a fool I did ask “what did you tell her?” Susan said “I told her no as we are stopping in... you idiot of course I said yes, it’s all arranged we meet outside Bar Med about 8pm.”That night was another session of hot sex with Susan, which, at the end of our fuck we were totally exhausted but very happy.When it was time for us to get ready to meet Emma and Kevin, I saw that Susan was going out wearing a short skirt, stockings and ankle strap heels, I asked “are you going to wear panties. . gonna ..." I was already starting to feel the pressure inside mebuilding exponentially. The last thing I wanted to do was go off withoutgiving some type of warning.She responded by doubling her efforts, throwing in some sort of stroking,groping action with her hand. Apparently my lover had seen the finishline and was doing her best to get the checkered flag."I'm ... I'm ..."I threw my head back, every muscle in my body tensing as I felt myselftip over the edge and the doors of that wonderful.

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