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" Fine, no more will be said until Thursday, when I come back for our nextsession, and show you the picture."* * * * *Even when she saw the photos, at...first Vicky refused to believe that itwasScott. "It can't be. You're taller and heavier than me, you couldn'thave possibly put on those clothes, let alone made yourself up to lookjust like me. You must have found some society page photo of me in thatoutfit." You yourself picked that out, and I'm sure you chose something thatyou'venever had a. She had also said a bald pussy teased them to distraction.She had shaved her legs and, since coming to America, under her arms. But she had never tried to shave between her legs.It actually gave her the excuse she had been looking for. So one night, wearing the maroon sleep set, with shaving cream and razor in hand, she paid her boyfriend another visit.She found him just like he had been the time before, with those tight, white underwear showing off his bulging manhood while he read a book. He. "Well, I don't know. It's unfair on my part." I said."Unfair? How?" She asked."Well you get to see me naked. And see me do something embarrassing. An eye for an eye as they say." I answered.Without further question, she came into the bathroom and shut the door. She locked it and said "Promise you wont tell the others?"I told her I wouldn't. She unbuttoned her top. The first glance of her silk bra made me excited. There was no backing out for this chick. Her top was fully open and I could see. ...YES JAMES FUCK MY TITS!!! FUCKING CUM ON MY TITS....PLEASE UNLOAD ON MY TITS!!!" Asia could feel James' heavy balls rubbing below her breasts as he fucked her tits with force. His hand pressed her mounds tight up against his pistoning rod, his oozing sperm lubricating the fuck canyon he had created. Meanwhile Asia was moving her legs in orgasmic bliss as another wave of cum hit her cunt. She was turning her head from side to side as she felt the head of the giant cock ramming up against her.

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