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As the day ended, I went into Gwen’s room and said, “I have a plan.”Gwen looked at me sceptical as she said, “You do, do you.”“Yes, is you... man still gone on Valentine’s Day?”“Yes,” she said, “Thanks for reminding me.”“Well, I decided we will make it a special girl’s night in.”“Really,” she said, “You have no plans?”“Yes, I do,” I said, “with my best friend.”Gwen lit up as she said, “That would be awesome.”“We’ll make exact plans later, but let’s plan to just leave from here and no matter what. Inhaling, she caught the scent of something sweet drifting in from the hallway. Leaving his bed and his bedroom, Lori made her way downstairs. She followed the scent into the kitchen, where she saw Jonah working at the stove. He still looked sexy in grey pajama pants and a plain white t-shirt. Lori took a seat on a stool at the counter. There was a little bit of tension in the air, but she could handle it. She was here, with Jonah. That in itself was a miracle. At least he hadn’t made her. "Yeah, I'd never know. I'd never know what the next man who stopped by my office, or took the barstool next to mine would have to say. Would he tell me how she'd begged him to fill her sucking mouth or tight ass? Tell me what he did for her that I couldn't? Tell me that she needed him so much that he had to take her from me?"I love you more than ever. You've still got me, anywhere, anytime, anyhow you want. There's nothing wrong with you, or us. I still love to get off on your tongue and. “How dare you do this to me!” He shook the hapless girl back and forth as he spoke. “Apologise to Birch and his slave. At least she knows how to keep her cunt smooth. Perhaps she should teach you how.” Kayleigh had gone red, her head down, and Emi suddenly felt sorry for her. She said a silent prayer of thanks that she’d been extra careful to make sure her own cunt was totally hairless. It was too easy to miss bits if you rushed, which Kayleigh clearly had. “An excellent idea, “ Birch.

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