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He handed me the tazer and said, “This is connected to his genitals, if he gives you any shit shock the fuck out of him.”I asked, “Who the hell ...s he?”Banzai said, “He’s the bastard who has been building the suicide vests. Not only that, I think he’s British.”Our prisoner swore, “I’m not telling you anythin...”He never got to finish because Banzai reached over and activated the tazer and he fell to the ground unconscious. While he was down Banzai kicked him a couple times. I complained, “Sgt.,. .. When I was done working ... I wasn’t. Same deal with the Basilisk ... I cooked and cleaned.When I came in the next morning Gonzalez was just finishing the conversion to propane. Propane is safer in confined and inadequately ventilated quarters.“Gonzalez!”“Sí, Patrón.”“Good man!”“Sí, Patrón.”The entire shop broke out into laughter.Now ... about this Patrón. In the normal course of events, a woman boss was MARRIED to the boss ... she would be the “Patróness.”“Patróness.” ... a diminutive, a. As she got close to him, he patted the couch next to him letting her know he wanted her to sit beside him. She shook her head and then took his hand and had him stand up. Once he was, she stepped closer, almost touching his body, then reached up and encircled his neck with her arms. She leaned in and kissed him softly. She then pulled back and stared into his eyes for a moment. She said the sexual tension was very high and she was enjoying taking control. As he started to speak, she grabbed his. ‘I believe that we’ve established that you can understand English when you need to. So let’s try this again…’ he held out the five pellets. ‘DO…YOU…KNOW…WHAT…THESE…ARE? Maria Elena started crying. ‘cocaína…’ she mumbled. ‘Very good. Smart girl. Cocaína. Now, why…did…you…have…COCAÍNA…in…your…pocket? ‘I…don’t know…I just tourist…I no have cocaína…’ The Danubians looked at each other in disgust. It was obvious that Maria Elena was lying. Of course she knew about the cocaine she was carrying. What.

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