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She was very friendly and showed me the window which was sticking when she tried to open it.I then followed her into another room, which was her bedro...m, with another large window with the same issue.”I won’t bore you with the details” I grinned “But its honestly nothing, just a couple of packers that have dropped that hold the glass” I said”You said you wouldn’t bore me” she grinned “Although I don’t think a sexy young man like you could ever be classed as that” she added.I felt myself go red. If I wanted an answer to my silly letter I had one.Then I sensed I wasn’t alone. I turned and mom wasstanding at the door of my room. She was wearing ashort brown dress with black stockings and heels. Inher hands were a small cat-o-nine tails and a woodenruler.‘I always knew you were a sissyboy pussy lovingpervert,’ she said with a sneer. ‘Down on your kneesboy.’Willingly, I sunk to my knees and she walked slowlytowards me. She stopped and slowly began to raise her. ”Megan didn’t respond – it’s rude to talk with your mouth full. She slowly looked around before setting her eyes on a nearby garbage can. She reached over to it and brought it over, opening her mouth above the can. All of my fluids came rushing out her mouth into the can, before she spat a few times and put the can back. With lust still in her eyes, she turned to face me.“I wasn’t… Expecting… Any of that to happen.” She said breathlessly. She barely touched her wet spot, causing her to. "Tell mewhy I'm here!"Frustrated with Dave's oblivious nature, Prue sighed, feeling annoyedand irritated as she strutted over to the other end of the room. Sheopened the closet door, took out a fold-up chair, walked back, andplaced it in front of Dave. "These heels are a nightmare," she mumbled,kicking them off as she sat down. Pulling her chair in closer, Davegulped fearfully as his captor sat unnervingly closer to him with hercane resting firmly on his lap. Smirking, she reached out,.

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