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"Can she do that?" Ben asked, looking worriedly at Thomas."I don't think so, but you never know with Elizabeth these days. I've never seen someone dis...lay such a natural ability with computers as she does."They walked out along the gantry towards the ship. It was barely sixty yards long and twenty yards in diameter, but it still dwarfed them as they got alongside the hull."Captain Marlon isn't too impressed by it — he think it's too small," said Thomas absently as his hand stroked the metal. Anyways, I told him to have a good time because that’s exactly what I intended to do. I pulled my friend to the dance floor and decided to let loose. I left Chris there, looking dumbfounded with his ex, while I proceeded to flirt with any and every guy I saw. There was this one particular cute guy that had automatically caught my attention. He was tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and built like a rock. The great thing was that he was flirting with me too, and winked at me a couple of times. So,. "I saw one of the girls straddle one of the guys as he lay there. She was fucking him right there on the floor. As her ass would rise up and down I could see his shinny cock sliding in and out of her." I couldn't help but look. I had never in my life seen two people having sex right there in front of me, but then I panicked and raced on to the bath. I was afraid I'd get caught. When I came back by the door was closed."Did anything else happen?" I pressed."Well, later after he had long returned. She had the most captivating blue eyes. "What is your name?" I asked the blonde. I realized that all this time I hadn't known. "Laura," she answered. "And yours?" I asked the black haired beauty. "Terry," she told me softly. Terry. I finally had a name to put with that gorgeous face. A while later Jeff came through the door. As usual he had a case of beer under his arm. "We got to get some tape of the girls together," he stated, "Do you hear me?" "Yea, whatever." I answered. Jeff went into the.

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