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"Wenn Sie noch was brauchen, klingeln Sie einfach." Blondie dreht sich um und zeigt mir so ihren heißen Arsch in dem engen Rock. Was ich brauche, ist...ihre heiße Möse auf meinem Schwanz, der bei dem geilen Anblick hart und fest gegen die Hose drängt.Eine halbe Stunde noch bis Hawaii und bis zum geilsten Urlaub meines Lebens. Die Insel ist schön, vor der Scheidung bin ich mit meiner Frau dort gewesen. Aber das schönste dort sind die Frauen, die braunhäutigen, dunkelhaarigen, mandeläugigen. She knew all about me and Jane, so she eventually got me to realize she was interested in me.”“Ball peen or sledge?”I thought for a second and laughed. “She needed a sledgehammer; I was very dense.”“What did she finally have to do?”“She said, ‘You know, there’s a dance coming up. I know you need practice asking a girl to it, so you can practice on me.’ And I thought it was kind of weird, but I figured sure, though hell, I had no idea who I’d even want to invite, so we practiced, and she said. He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes and as I jacked my cock and shot a load all over myself, he busted his seed deep inside my ass. He rolled off of me and as we laid there breathing heavily, he sighed, "man I never get tired of that ass." I smiled and rolled out of bed, and walked into the shower. We showered quickly and got out to make coffee and begin the day. He left for work in his suit and tie and I slipped my shoes on and left the house in just a tank top. The first. Boy, was I wrong! I felt that white silk wrap cover me and when it lifted, there I was, in Stacey’s bedroom, hundreds of miles away from my body back in Center City.Her bed was exactly as in the picture Stacey had shared with me. Although, now the shades were pulled down and the curtains mostly closed over them. As an added touch, a white stuffed Unicorn was perched on top of her pillow.“Cool,” passed through my mind and that was quickly followed by “Ain’t it!” filtering in. I know I wasn’t the.

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