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Troy tried to talk to her but the phone kept ringing, so he ate went to school . Troy went thru the day trying to figure out how to tell his mom he wa... having sex dreams about her sucking his cock , just thinking about made his cock hard , he drove home went inside Nancy was watching some cooking show, Troy sat next her . Troy began saying she always taught him to be honest never lie, Nancy looked at him turned the TV off, she looked at him with concern telling him: yes they taught him to be. Suddenly I felt pressure on my thigh and opened my eyes. I was totally stunned as my mom was standing by my side and calling me by pushing her leg at my thigh, with a very angry face. I was almost at climax and all of a sudden released my cum in front of her. I was so scared that I ran to bathroom and closed the door from inside. I remain there for an hour or two. After that mom knocked the door and called me. I did not answer. She said me its ok now; she is not angry any more and wanted to. I gathered my bearings, realising i was in Sam's room, lying on his bed. Naked. Stark naked. What was worse, was that i was attached to some kind of dog leash, which was tied tightly to his bed. My hands were cuffed behind my back. At that point, Sam entered the room."What's going on?" i asked, pretty shaken up now. "Well, you were staring at me and my cock so much, i thought that you would want some of it. Now BEG for my cock! I'm not letting you go until youu beg!" I couldnt qutie believe it.. I don’t know how she was able to do it, but she was absolutely limp. This made it a struggle to get her arm out of the sleeve but I finally managed after she tumbled on to her side once and I had to gently right her. So I went to the other side and repeated the process, although this time I managed to catch her before she fell again.Progress! Although it was taking much longer than I wanted. I had hoped to be twisting those nipples while titfucking her long before now. Now I stopped for a.

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