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I wish we had a larger party to see this. The views are spectacular and very different from Georgia or Texas. We saw buffaloes and many of them. We di... our best to follow the grand loop road all the way around. At only one spot, we had to work our way around due to the road's condition. There are so many things to see that I decided not to list them. I had brought a set of brochures that I marked and attached to this epistle. We spent the night in the park. Lake Yellowstone Hotel was beautiful. Vaguely I recalled that as we talked he offered me a sip of his drink, but I don't think I saw him drink from the cup. I became unsteady on my feet and Harry assisting me to the ground and both of us laughing. After that it was some what foggy, I was being helped into the basement door. Harry fumbling with my pants and shirts, I felt a bunt pain in my anal area and an uncomfortable felling to my thighs...then blackness. My mind cleared as I understood what had happen the bastard had d**gged. Meine use poocha “tumhara naam kya hai” to usne jawab diya “mere naam baksh hai” meine breakfast lene chalu kiya, to baksh ne mere jangho par apna left hath rakh diya aur dosra hath mere kamar mein dal diya aur sehlane laga. Meine uska hath hataya aur phir breakfast lene lagi, uska left hath mere ek left boob par chala gaya aur who usko halke halke dabane laga, usne meri garden pas apne honth rakhe aur garden par apne honth pherne laga uske garam sanse meri garden par pad rahi thi to mein. All of a sudden 3 black guys wearing black and blue walk up to me and start saying things to me! I was kind of nervous and scared. One was like what is hot white girl like you doing here in the hood? He then grabs my ass. I jump back and say I just ran out of gas I’ll be on my way now! He grabs my arm and says there is no hurry! Another guy asks if I’ve ever fucked a Nigga before. I look at him and say no. I’ve never fucked a black guy before. He says nah girl a Nigga! Black guys want to be.

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